Elevate Update #2

IMG_0927.JPGHello Friends! Wow, I am so stoked to finally be here in La Jolla. Thank-you so much for your prayers and financial support that brought me here in this with all of these amazing people.  Our team arrived hear on Friday, where we immediately dived into things. We kicked things off officially at 5:00pm.  I am so happy to be placed in my room, The Grove. Meredith (my friend and room leader!), Emmalee , Jillian, Molly, Amberlynne, Hannah, and my bed buddy Beth are quickly becoming fast friends. It is incredible living in community with so many people.  We are slowly but surely unpacking into our beautiful room at Residence Inn-La Jolla. I still cannot believe that I am going to be here for ten weeks.

I had my group interview with the La Jolla YMCA on Monday morning. Our whole project has been out and about from 9:00am-5:00pm every day this week job hunting. Next Tuesday I have an interview at Potter Barn Kids.We’ve been  searching at University Town Center, Fashion Valley, Clairemont Town Center, Pacific Beach, and a variety of other places. Today we went to Prospect for the first time and scavenged along there as well. We’ll be doing this everyday for the next two weeks until we sign official papers and have a job confirmed. Three out of seven people from The Grove have been hired already. Praise Jesus for that. Please be praying for the rest of our room, and everyone else on the job to be hired  and no one is sent home on June 3rd.

Our routine for each of the next ten weeks is as follows:

Monday: DT’s (Devotional Times),Work, Celebration Night, and Room Time. This summer we will be celebrating weekly through worship and giving thanks for God’s provision.

Tuesday:  DT’s (Devotional Times),Work, Teaching Night. We will be hearing from different staff members and walking through DT’s

Wednesday: DT’s (Devotional Times), Work, Village with The Pit and Tenboom (two different rooms).

Thursday: DT’s (Devotional Times), Work, Free night.

Friday: DT’s (Devotional Times), Work, Free night.

Saturday: DT’s (Devotional Times), Work (?).

Sunday: Rest, Worship, Serve and Reflect. New Song Church-Parkside every Sunday. We’ll be setting up and tearing down every week. They are a mobile church like Resonate and meet at an elementary school. (I also signed up to hold babies during one of their two services!) Evening beach parties!

More to come as I fall into the rhythm of things here in La Jolla!


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  1. Prayers for you and the group experiencing how God will use you to reach people for Jesus.

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