Take One, Please Do

“If you smile a lot, when you’re older all your wrinkles will be in the right places.”~Terra Gilbert

I’m one to talk. I don’t smile nearly enough.  Maybe it’s the fact that finals are in two weeks. Maybe it’s the fact that I got a C on my last economics test. Maybe it’s the fact that it has been rainy in Seattle for five months straight. Maybe I have a problem with excuses. There are so many things to smile about!

Where do I start?!! Where would you start?!

1. Jesus loves me. I could just end there.

2. My family loves me.

3. My friends love me and ALWAYS give me an extra dose of laughter.

4. My  teachers care about my success.

5. Psych is back!I just need to catch up on the past seven or eight seasons….

6. Only ninety-nine more days until high school graduation!

7. No schools on Friday next quarter!

8. Only twenty more days until spring!

9. My bed is awesome and my pillow is even more awesome

10. Coffee and tea exist.

11. The sun came out yesterday.

What have you smiled about today?



A Little Rain

There is so much truth in these words. If we expect to go through life without at least a few scratches and scrapes, we are in for a huge surprise.  I found this quote off of Pinterest-I know, I know BIG SURPRISE there- and I decided to do some background research. I wanted to quote the original author. When I went to look, I found many other people looking for the same person . So far, no one has been credited with these words-although Marilyn Monroe was known for her many different variations of this phrase. This quote reminded me of all the anonymous people who pass in and out of our lives and make a huge impact. Many of them never take any credit for doing so! We may miss the opportunity to thank them IN PERSON, but why not pay it forward? If someone known or anonymous to you took the time, talents,or treasure that he or she had, and used it on you, I’m sure you can do the same. Don’t wait for a reason to be generous, go bless someone this week!

I Should Explain

I feel as if I should explain something, it’s sort of a confession.I created this blog because I failed miserably at Tumblr. I never got into the whole re-blogging thing. Sure I love cute quotes just as much as the next person, but I also enjoy bloggers who occasionally create their own work. Yes, I realize that sounds harsh and I admit I’m generalizing, but I realize I was pining away for a different audience.  As an aspiring writer I was searching for a new motivation and I just didn’t find it. The problem is what I was really searching for was perfection. I was looking to do the same amount of work and receive different results. I was terribly inconsistent. They say practice makes perfect and I have yet to prove that theory wrong. I want Coffee Shop Talk to be a place for practice and constructive criticism. Because that’s what Coffee Shop Talk is! Imperfect yet extraordinary. Simple yet complex. How many of you can say that you have never walked into any coffee shop and ended up talking to someone you weren’t expecting to talk to? If you haven’t experienced this, I’d suggest you get out of the house more,or try someplace less mainstream than Starbucks.

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