Hi. I’m Kayla Bonar, author of this blog Coffee Shop Talk.

By day (and many nights and weekends), I’m a journalist. I cover breaking news and county government in Kittitas County for the Ellensburg Daily Record.  In between I try to write down my own thoughts, because my brain is constantly bursting at the seams.

It’s not always on here, sometimes it’s on my grocery or to-do list, in the Notes app.

I believe10502135_10205829621049457_8098865240506328014_n everyone has a story worth telling, one that has the power to contribute something of worth to this world.

When I first started this blog , I feared calling myself a writer, the title sounded so daunting. And it is. The writer’s life is not your average 9-5 occupation.

My goal for this blog isn’t to convince you that writing is your calling. However, I will forever believe in the power of a single story. All of us have one that is unique. That being said, I hope that by sharing my story, you’ll be encouraged to share your story, be it through writing, art, music or over coffee, a drink I’ve found to instigate conversations and individual moments that create.










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