I Should Explain

I feel as if I should explain something, it’s sort of a confession.I created this blog because I failed miserably at Tumblr. I never got into the whole re-blogging thing. Sure I love cute quotes just as much as the next person, but I also enjoy bloggers who occasionally create their own work. Yes, I realize that sounds harsh and I admit I’m generalizing, but I realize I was pining away for a different audience.  As an aspiring writer I was searching for a new motivation and I just didn’t find it. The problem is what I was really searching for was perfection. I was looking to do the same amount of work and receive different results. I was terribly inconsistent. They say practice makes perfect and I have yet to prove that theory wrong. I want Coffee Shop Talk to be a place for practice and constructive criticism. Because that’s what Coffee Shop Talk is! Imperfect yet extraordinary. Simple yet complex. How many of you can say that you have never walked into any coffee shop and ended up talking to someone you weren’t expecting to talk to? If you haven’t experienced this, I’d suggest you get out of the house more,or try someplace less mainstream than Starbucks.


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